Ladies this is just what you need!

Fabulous and Baroque's Adelle Ladie's Desk - Ivory

Fabulous and Baroque’s Adelle Ladie’s Desk – Ivory

Women are very complex beings- we cannot be summed up into a word or a sentence or even a book! We accomplish more than we can remember every day and we make it look easy! It all begins with waking up in the morning and becoming our own make-up artists. Which is why Fabulous and Baroque’s new¬†Adelle Ladies Desk is perfect for any woman! This desk can double as a vanity! Add products to your already naturally-beautiful face while sitting at a sophisticated and simply elegant desk.¬†Petite and elegant – This classic French dressing table has simple and beautiful lines and curves.

At the end of the day you can get your work done and emails sent out with the open space it provides. You can also organize all your must-haves in the plethora of drawers it offers. This Adelle desk is perfect for any home, cramped or not! It is versatile in its usage and it saves space. This desk is small enough to fit in almost any room, but it still offers enough space for you to get your work done! Don’t worry about your busy days ahead Adelle has got you covered and organized!

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