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This Week from F&B Design: the Bedroom

High style meets high concept. The Fabulous & Baroque style is defined by 17th and 18th century aesthetics that combine modern, traditional, bohemian and shabby chic styles with modern craftsmanship and artistry. F&B furniture collections are defined by bold contrasting colors and intricate symmetry featuring plant and flower motifs intricately hand carved in mahogany.

The intricate shapes and motifs of the Rococo and Baroque styles stand out in modern and traditional rooms, providing boldly fashion-forward statements. F&B pieces can be utilized both as a completed matching set, such as the Night’s Dream Series, or as unique accent pieces to make a room pop! However you use the Fabulous & Baroque family of products, they provide an undeniable luxury to any room.


The heavy, bold attendance of a Baroque bed, like the Royal Fortune Montespan bed, will become the focal point of the room and set the tone for the décor. Center the bed against the longest wall for a powerful display of luxury or place it catty corner to create interesting new lines and spaces in the room.

Royal Fortune Montespan bed


Mirrors, like the Bella Acorn, make great accents and draw attention by providing elegant detail to a room. Place the mirror in the path of the room’s central lighting element to brighten the room and provide a feeling of more positive energy. Place the mirror in an unavoidable path of sight to extend the visual realm and open the room with the illusion of more space.

Bella Acorn Mirror


Baroque lighting elements like the Venetian Noir 10 quickly become the lifeline of any room. Not simply for their unexpected and extravagant illumination, but for the way a ceiling seems to melt away overhead, and the way the elegance of décor suddenly seems to encompass the room. Place a chandelier in the center of the room for balance or over a dominant seating arrangement for subtle partition.

Venetian Noir 10

Arm Chair

Placing a chair, or cluster of chairs, takes any bedroom to the next level through the versatility of the space and by introducing a multi-functionality to the room. The Absolom Roche armchair is a visual feast. Place it in the corner with a light source or by the window and watch your room go from bland to grand.

Absolom Roche arm chair

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